Newsletter - May 2017

An Uber-Like “Matchmaking” Field Service Operation?


Imagine your field service technicians being similar to Uber drivers: They’d be screened, vetted, trained, equipped with a handy app, and on call to pick up work orders as customers’ needs arise. Say you’re a landscaping and tree-removal specialist and one of your customers loses a tree in a storm. It’s in her driveway and she can’t get her car out of the garage to go to work. She needs a technician immediately, so she calls you. 

Once your call center verifies the customer’s address, your dispatcher would use a platform like Gomocha’s FMP360 to alert properly trained field technicians of the location of the downed tree, and the nearest technician would use his app to respond to the request for service. 

Now take it just one step further and weave the customer into the scenario. Customers equipped with the app would report a downed tree, and the app would automatically identify their location. After the information is sent to the platform, a request would be broadcast to technicians with the app, and the nearest or most experienced tree specialist would respond. 

It’s really not a question of if this scenario will become a reality, but a question of when and how.  Read more >>


SNEAK PEEK: FMP360 Release 3.3 Coming Mid-June

In addition to the many key features that users have come to appreciate from FMP360, Gomocha’s continuous-improvement process has enabled us to add several new functionalities, including (but not limited to) the following: 

  • Map enhancements. Field technicians will now be able to use their mobile devices to view interactive maps on which data, statuses, relevant job information and linked assets will appear. Even better is the fact that the map and all its features and functions will work regardless of whether the device is connected to the internet.
  • Remote assistance. Complex work sometimes requires specialized oversight and guidance from someone who is not available to be in the field. With Release 3.3, FMP360 will offer an augmented reality remote assistant option, which will let a remote expert guide a user in the field via their mobile device and an augmented reality view that the field user is seeing.
  • Recurring orders.To streamline activities for our users and continually improve the user experience, planners will be able to create work orders and plan them on a recursive basis if desired. No longer will it be necessary to plan repetitive work over and over again. 
  • Materials management. Users in the field will now be able to see which materials are available and which are already in use. Additionally, the enhanced material registration function blocks give organizations more control over what users in the field will have displayed in the overview. 
Stay tuned for additional information on new features and functionalities. (There are too many more to include in our newsletter.) For a quick tour of the FMP360 solution, visit, call 240-403-6001, or click here.

"Moving to FMP360 is one of those decisions I highly recommend to others" 


If you want to bring efficiency and effectiveness to your field service operation while giving your field teams a simple solution to help them do their job better, then take a look at SI Coffee Solutions.

Watch this short video, then call 240-403-6001 to schedule a demo. 

Three Hazards of Traditional Field Management Systems 


All field service companies are aware of the importance of strong alignment between workers in the field and those in the back office: field teams need up-to-date information about work orders and customers, and the back office needs to know what’s going on in the field.

Companies that still perform these processes traditionally – with printed work orders, phoned instructions, paperwork turned in at the end of the day, and customer invoices sent through the mail – are hindered in achieving peak efficiency and accuracy. It’s costing them time and money and making compliance a royal pain in the neck.

Manual field alignment typically creates these three challenges:

  1. It takes too much time. Allocating man-hours becomes a bottleneck. The information you look at now is not current; it’s from days or even weeks ago, making it difficult to make decisions about the future and resulting in missed opportunities.
  2. It costs too much. You can hire more people to help speed things along, but that points back to Hazard No. 1 (cost), pitting the need to move quickly against the need to control costs.
  3. It makes compliance too difficult. Manual audits are highly complex and resource-intensive. This drives up cost and increases the time required to ensure compliance, which points back to the first two hazards.
Do yourself a favor and make the transition to a digital platform. You’ll save time and money, your audits will be more reliably conducted, and your reporting will be more complete.

Gomocha invites you to take a test drive

Are you still considering which Field Service Mobile Solution is right for you? Well, here’s an idea: the Gomocha FMP360 solution is now available for a Free Test Drive!


Within 48 hours, you’re ready to start. It’s that simple.

Drive the FMP360 solution around your environment for 30 days. We’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how smooth a ride it is! 

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