Newsletter June 2016

Jaski Implements Gomocha's Field Mobility Platform

On April 22, 2016, Jaski started implementing Gomocha's Field Mobility Platform FMP360 to streamline its service and maintenance activities.

With FMP360, Jaski’s experienced technicians receive detailed information about the issues to be resolved before they go into the field to service their machines, and they are able to modify information about assortment and prices at the request of customers. That saves time. And that's good for business owners who have no time to lose. 
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Gomocha introduces FMP360 Online

On June 1, 2016, a select group of prospective clients and decision makers participated in the launch of Gomocha’s new cloud-based FMP360 Online.

Over many years, Gomocha has delivered and supported FMP360 as an excellent platform for managing mobile employees. The product includes an extensive number of features to optimize the management of field workers. With the introduction of FMP360 Online, small and mid-sized service organizations can now easily access the power of Gomocha’s solutions. FMP360 Online supports many different types of field service work, such as installation, failure, maintenance, inspection or overhaul. The solution is ideal for clients who manage a field staff of up to 50 mobile employees.  

Test it yourself! FMP360 Online is offering a 30-day trial period.  

For more information please contact Gomocha Support.

FMP360 Nominated for Innovation Award at National Congress NVSM 2016

During the NVSM Congress on May 12, 2016, in Hilversum, the Netherlands, Gomocha was nominated as one of the top three companies to be considered for the Innovation Award. Gomocha’s FMP360 technology was the specific focus of the nominating committee.  

FMP360 was nominated because of its Workflow Designer, which empowers customers by allowing them to redesign or make changes to their service processes. 
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We proudly present FMP360 release 2.0

Gomocha is proud to announce Release 2.0 of FMP360, in which it added new features, new functionality and enhanced security. Below are short descriptions of some of the new features and functionality: 
  • Material handling 
    FMP360 has always supported material flows. In Release 2.0, we added two features: 1) The mobile worker can request a pick-up of the material within the order, which can be picked up from any configured warehouse. And 2) The mobile worker can receive a stock-level notification – if the level of stock, for instance, is depleted below a certain level – to maintain the level of stock in his or her vehicle. The FMP360 app can also be used to request pick-up of the materials necessary to replenish the stock level. 
  • Search option
    Mobile workers now have an enhanced search option. It’s now possible to search for orders in every agenda screen. How cool is that?
  • Enhanced planboard
    With Release 2.0 of FMP360, it is now possible to research the route the mobile worker took between the different planned orders. This gives the planning department insight into how well the route was planned and how it can be improved the next time, to reduce travel time and associated costs.
Want to schedule a demonstration or request more information about the new features? We are here and happy to share how you can harness the power of FMP360! Send an email to