Newsletter - April 2017 Edition

Change can be scary … but it’s so necessary! 


Many executives and managers dread hearing reactions from workers when their organizations consider converting to a new field service management solution. 
“I like the way I do things now.”
“New software is too hard to learn.”
“My job is being replaced with automated software.”

To alleviate these concerns and to build excitement, managers should fully understand their field service crew’s concerns and fears; clearly communicate to ensure them that their opinions are being heard and addressed; and assure them that the solutions being proposed will make their work easier. 

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How One Customer Converted!

If you’re considering a shift from a paper-based to a forward-thinking operation or if you need to upgrade from your current platform, we want a seat at the table as you review solution providers. Our technology and customer-service experts will show you how to keep calm as you convert from where you are to where you want to be.

Watch this short video, then call 240-403-6001 to schedule a demo. 

How to Exceed High Expectations

It’s a rare company that doesn’t view its tasks as mission-critical – even if the mission is merely to satisfy customers and be reasonably productive and profitable.  

Some mistakes in the field do not pose a life-or-death situation. When a cable installer shows up late or misdiagnoses a problem and needs to schedule a second visit, managers and customers are annoyed, sure. But because these aren’t mission-critical tasks, everyone recovers.

But when we’re talking about utility providers, manufacturers, and oil and gas producers – whose tasks ARE mission-critical and whose mistakes CAN be deadly – we’re talking NO tolerance for errors. For these companies, it’s not only imperative to communicate the right information to the right people at the right time, it’s also essential that they exceed their customers’ expectations and ensure long-term customer loyalty – without incurring increased costs.

Gomocha’s built-in functionality helps mission-critical field service teams perform better by allowing them to dispatch smarter and change processes with ease. Read more about how we can help you exceed expectations without incurring increased costs. 

NSVM Congres, a great success


The NVSM (Dutch Association of Service Management) Congress recently held in Phillips Stadium was a great success. Gomocha used this networking event to showcase some cutting-edge field service technologies, including the HoloLens with augmented reality.
The tagline of the day—"Under promise, over deliver!"—certainly lived up to expectations. With best-case practices, keynote sessions and passionate speeches from customers and branch experts (including Peter Ros and Marleen Bekkers), we learned that overdelivering on your promises is critical for creating and sustaining win-win situations with customers.

If you missed out on our demos, please let us know and we'll schedule one! Please contact Marc van den Berg,  

Ready for The Next Big Thing?

We’re not the first to coin the phrase “from fragile to agile” and we won’t be the last. But we speak those words often because we frequently encounter organizations in need of a strong, agile solution to fix their fragile field service operations. 

Why is agility so important? Because an agile field service operation is always ready for the next big thing. Being agile helps you “future-proof” your organization. 

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