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In Sports and In Field Service, Analytics Are Changing the Game

Sports team coaches and managers have long known that data-driven strategies help predict positive outcomes. They’ve had analytics departments that gather a staggering number of statistics, from which they build powerful statistical models to help recruit and sign players, identify weaknesses in opposing teams, and determine the players and strategies that will mostly likely result in a win. 

As in the field of sports, successful field service organizations are collecting vast amounts of data and designing advanced analytical models in order to predict outcomes, ensure customer happiness, and increase the likelihood of long-term success. 

Read more about how to “knock it out of the park” using data-driven strategies that harness the power of predictive intelligence.

From Our Blog: Fear Not the Robots

In Martin Ford’s book, “Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future,” he describes how robots are wreaking havoc on the world economy: causing low unemployment, income inequality and falling demand for goods and services. 

We at Gomocha, however, see robots in a different light. We recognize they are enhancing our lives every day: kiosks help us speed through grocery stores and airports; ATMs spit out twenties; robotic vacuum cleaners like Roomba scoot around on the floor inhaling crumbs, pet hair and other nasty bits.

In the field, robots are doing dirty and dangerous work – identifying the source of gas leaks, carrying monstrously heavy steel beams and girders to steep hillsides, fetching soil samples from hazardous waste sites to keep employees safe from exposure. Click here to read more about how robotic technology investment can tighten the screws of your operation.


FMP360 Release 3.8 Highlights

Gomocha is proud to announce its latest release of the FMP360 field service platform. Many new and exciting features and functionalities have been added to the platform, in keeping with our commitment to maintaining a high-quality product for our entire user community.

  • Handle configuration changes with ease
    The core of your FMP360 solution is the configurations you have made. Changing and adding configurations – both common and customized – is as easy and efficient as 1-2-3. These new changes also allow testing and validation of the changes before you roll them out into your full, active environment.
  • One-Click Access to All Apps via Single Sign-On (SSO) 
    During the course of the work day, every single user may access a wide variety of applications for interrelated productivity and collaboration tasks. Our latest release streamlines the process of accessing these resources via a simplified “sign once and done” process and allows for SSO within a variety of system environments, such as ADFS, Salesforce, Azure, AD, Google Apps, and others. Taking this centralized login system approach improves the user experience, increases security, and saves precious I.T. and admin resources.  
  • Barcode Scanning via Bluetooth, in response to customer requests, has been included in Release 3.8 to improve material registration functionality. FMP360 users can now use third-party barcode scanners to capture asset data on the jobsite with speed and efficiency, reducing overall time spent on an order and lowering overall costs. 
  • Simplified App Installation and Login is a customer-managed functionality that Release 3.8 introduced to improve the user experience and enhance security. Users no longer need to use an emailed hyperlink to install the mobile app. Instead, they can now create a passphrase linked to them and their unique environment, enter user credentials, and the app installs automatically.
  • In-App Language Switching ensures that all the languages supported by an individual organization are easily accessible on the mobile app. While FMP360 has always supported multiple languages, users can now swiftly and seamlessly switch languages without having to leave the app or change device settings. 

These are just five of the many upgrades and enhancements available in FMP360 Release 3.8. To see these and all the other great bells and whistles in FMP360, sign up for a demo today


Notes and Observations from FMP360 Customers 

Imagine how difficult it was to ensure safe and secure operation of life-saving equipment in hospitals, gas and electrical utilities, and chemical manufacturing plants using only notes on paper and landlines.

Back then, equipment failures caused lengthy downtime as field crews thumbed through catalogs looking for part numbers, waited in phone-hold hell to order parts, and waited days or weeks for delivery. And once the parts arrived, reading through six-inch-thick documents to find repair instructions was frustrating and problematic for technicians.

Those days are long gone for most organizations.  

It’s gratifying to know Gomocha customers have upped their game with FMP360. A customer specifying, sourcing, installing and maintaining highly technical pumps and compressors at oil and gas production sites, chemical manufacturing plants, and healthcare facilities provided this positive feedback:

“Our heavy investment in ERP and CRM made it imperative that we find a solution that could fit seamlessly into these systems, while at the same time we needed it to bridge language, regulatory, and cultural gaps. FMP360 does all that.”

Another customer recently told us, “Analyzing data gathered in FMP360 leads to interesting insights and allows further process optimization, resulting in constantly higher customer satisfaction.”

Yet another told our support team, “You showed us that you not only understand our business, you showed us through real insight and data how to improve our business.” 

Neither our customers nor the team at Gomocha can imagine the world of field service without technology. If you need help imagining what technology can do for your field service operation, check out our website and sign up for a demo from our home page.

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