Newsletter - July 2017 Edition
The last month of summer is upon us! Before we take last-of-the-summer trips, here’s wishing you safe and happy travels. (And for those of us who are in the office working toward reaching 3rd Quarter goals, here’s to safe and happy work and personal journeys, wherever you may be.)


The Ubiquitous Nature of Self-Service

Do you ever stop and think about how commonplace self-service has become? It’s easy to overlook how often we use it with airlines, banks, grocery stores, gas stations, hotels, car rental agencies, and even fast-food restaurants where you can order on a kiosk in the entryway then sit down and wait to be served. Where else might we be able serve ourselves? Do you think we’ll see the day when we perform self-service maintenance and repair on the printers and coffee machines in our offices? Would that be a good thing? Do we have the patience and skill to successfully complete those jobs?
What about field service organizations? Can they reasonably outsource some of their maintenance and repair functions to customers? 
Appointment scheduling and a 24/7 live-chat feature are logical, but what about the complete service? What about giving customers “DIY repair” instructions for simple fixes, where they scan the disabled object and see augmented reality instructions that guide them through the process? It may not be widely available yet, but all of us at Gomocha think about these scenarios all day, every day. Continue reading >>

Ground Control to Major Tom: “Have No Fear in the Field.”

Do you have a new user who’s still learning your organization’s internal processes and procedures, but sometimes needs assistance? Do you have complex work processes that require specialized knowledge from users who are not always available to be in the field? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, FMP360 is here for you, with a new augmented reality remote assistance option. This advanced functionality enables a remote expert to give assistance to a user in the field via their mobile device and an augmented reality view that the field user is seeing.
Now you can remove the fear of complexity from a field technician’s day, by giving him a “seasoned pro in his pocket.” More-experienced technicians can teach and guide technicians who need assistance, without having to be in the field. With remote assistance via their mobile devices and an augmented reality view that the field user is seeing, they’re able to help get the job done – the first time and every time. To read more about these and all the other cool new enhancements and upgrades in FMP360 Release 3.3, click here.

Field Service Fall 2017

Have you made your reservations at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort? If not, now’s the time! In just a couple of months (September 25-27), Field Service Fall 2017 will be taking place at this spectacular venue. It’s a short and beautiful drive from the Jacksonville, Florida airport. And if you’ve never been to the Omni Amelia Island Plantation, now is the perfect time to check it out. You won’t be disappointed. The conference is always a great place to meet and greet your peers, listen to industry thought leaders and talk to vendors about your challenges in the field and in the back office.

Gomocha will be a Field Service Fall sponsor and an exhibitor. We look forward to seeing our existing customers and to meeting future FMP360 users. Stop by the Gomocha booth for a demo. Or click here to sign up for a test drive of Gomocha FMP360. We’ll even customize your ride so you can see how it will look and feel in your specific organization! 

How Do Art and Literature Relate to Field Service?

Think about how both might play a role for field workers in today’s mobile environments. Most field service executives and managers will say that art and literature have nothing to do with their business objectives. But let’s take a look at art and literature from a slightly different perspective.

Research conducted by 3M Corporation concluded that we process visual images 60,000 times faster than we process text. Images are the most straightforward and easiest things for our brains to remember. This means you can paint a picture for your audience much faster with an actual picture than you can with words and numbers. 

So how can we relate this to field service? Continue reading.

Check Out Our Latest White Paper

To find a no-regrets field service management solution, you need to know what to look for to ensure that you’ll know when you’ve found it.

Download Application Flexibility is the Key Ingredient in the Formula for Field Service Success for a goldmine of solid advice about how to find a solution that will allow your organization to grow and change in response to developing technologies, emerging revenue streams and constantly shifting regulations. 

Gomocha’s Very Own Todd Parker is a STAR!

Todd is currently a Gomocha Business Development Executive, and he does a bang-up job of introducing our product to prospective customers. But several years ago, he founded and was CEO of a video-production company. That means, of course, that he became an expert behind the camera shooting and producing videos. Now he’s becoming more familiar with being in front of the camera. Todd was recently a guest on the Princeton, New Jersey, TV talk show interviewed “Breezin’ With Bierman.” He has also been profiled as a “Rising Executive” by NJ Biz. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from St. Lawrence University and currently resides in Central New Jersey. Watch Todd in action or send him an email

Watch this short video, then call 240-403-6001 to schedule a demo. 

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