Newsletter February 2019


RENDO Netwerken Steps Up to FMP360 Release 3.11 

Gomocha customer RENDO Netwerken (gas and electricity networks) began using FMP360 three years ago, and the company recently upgraded to FMP360 Release 3.11 to take advantage of all the features and functionality it has to offer. About thirty RENDO engineers will work with the latest version of the FMP360 App and Mid-Office to broaden the reach and scope of RENDO’s planning and customer service initiatives. 

One of the most interesting and beneficial new features that RENDO and its customers will now be able to experience is a Customer Portal. Using the Customer Portal, RENDO customers are able to log in to confirm or reschedule a service or maintenance visit that RENDO’s planners would have previously set up. Read more.


Do Mishaps in the Field Make You Dreaming About a New Mobile Field Service Solution?

A field service business with a strong mobile workforce is always a few steps ahead of the competition. But even the very best field service operation encounters mishaps every now and then. What’s important is identifying why mishaps occur and figuring out how to keep them from happening again. 

If one or more of the following seven scenarios is a common occurrence in your business, it might be time to begin the search for a new field service solution:   

  • Field technicians end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
  • You’re growing, but your system is not growing with you. 
  • It takes weeks (or even months!) for new technicians learn your systems.  
  • Your technicians never arrive on time and your customers complain. A lot!
  • Your technicians have to return to the same job multiple times.
  • Your service is fast, but not your invoicing.
  • You’re still using paper, pencils, and spreadsheets to track activities.

Providing this list of scenarios is not meant to make you feel as though you’re behind the times or that you’re not good at running your business. It’s meant to inspire you to think about your operations in light of “what can and should be avoided” on your path to “what’s possible.” Read more about how these seven scenarios often play out – then see how a field service solution can help. 

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