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Imagine 3D Printing of Parts on Job Sites 

“BMW DEBUTS MOBILE 3D PRINTING FOR SPARE PARTS ON THE GO. Official Release April 1st 2018: A worn valve cap in the middle of the Icelandic ice desert, a gear lever broken off in the depths of the Brazilian jungle or a split oil sump in the hamada: this kind of problem often leads to a lengthy interruption if not the end of a motorcycle tour or a long-distance trip on two wheels. Enter 3D printing on the go.”

It turns out that even one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers enjoys an April Fools’ joke as much as the rest of us, promoting some far-fetched new model or science fiction technology advancement that the company claims it’s working on. But is this year’s prank really that far-fetched?

What If Technicians Could Print Parts in Their Own Trucks or Vans? 

It may be hard to imagine, but what if maintenance and repair technicians in the field could print spare parts right in their van, right outside the customer’s location? Imagine it: No more down time between the time the problem part is identified and ordered and the time it’s produced and installed. This type of on-demand 3D printing of replacement parts would not only increase efficiency, reduce costs and lead to greater customer satisfaction, it would also be a huge competitive advantage. For more thought-provoking ideas, check out our 3D printing blog post. And as always, we welcome your questions or comments. Call 240-403-6001 or email   


Release 3.10: You Won’t Believe the Amazing New Features and Functionalities

You'll be surprised when we say we have added new and improved features and functionalities to FM360 release 3.10. Some of the most useful enhancements in this new release are summarized below: 

  • Crew Support. You can now schedule and dispatch entire projects as well as allocate single activities to individual crew members. If you have multiple engineers working on a big inspection project, now your foreman can easily see all registrations and assignments in a single overview, which customers can sign off on when the job is completed. 
  • Project Support. When creating a project and linking multiple activities to it, it’s essential to be able to see all the details graphically displayed. FMP360 Release 3.10 includes intuitive menus and Gantt charts that provide a precise overview of the project.
  • Appealing Visualization of Work Flows. It’s much easier to understand the mobile processes configured for your organization if you can see it displayed graphically rather than presented only in words. The app configuration you create using the Flow Designer is easy to access, letting you identify which mobile processes may need reconfiguration to reach full optimization. 
  • Street View in the Portal. Map View functionality has been enhanced to enable you to prepare for on-site activities. Need to see if vans, trucks and heavy equipment will fit into certain areas of the site? Need to know if there are unsafe conditions on the job site? Now you can see precisely what exists on the site and be better able to prepare for the project. 
  • Tax Calculations Based on Location. Different areas impose different tax rates. Even within one country or one state, several different tax rates can be set. FMP360 now includes location-specific tax rates, enabling users to calculate proper taxes due on materials and other line items. 
  • iOS 12 Support. When Apple releases new versions of its operating system, we are quick to respond! You can rest assured that FMP360 now fully supports Apple’s newest iOS 12. 

For more-detailed information about upgrades, enhancements and tweaks to FMP360, call 240-403-6001 or email   

Field Service Amsterdam is Fast Approaching 

It’s just a few weeks away, but it’s not too late to register for Field Service Europe – and it’s definitely not too late to save 25% off the regular registration price by using Discount Code FSEU18GO. Register today and book your flights and hotel rooms to ensure you’re able to experience this educational and entertaining event.

The inspiration begins November 27 at the Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky and continues through November 28. Join us and hundreds of other field service industry participants, partners and peers, where we’ll all listen to and rub elbows with technology gurus, experts in best practices, marketing geniuses and directors of customer experience.  

There will be plenty of opportunities to learn, share, and collaborate. Stop by our booth for a demo of the most powerful, yet easiest-to-use mobile platform in field service: FMP360. You’ll see why we’re over-the-moon enthusiastic about the future of field service, and you’ll learn how your organization can improve your performance in the field and in the back office.

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Download our eGuide to discover the best strategies for designing and implementing a digital field service solution that will help your organization achieve optimal performance. 
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