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Webinar On-Demand

"Using Innovation in Field Service To Remain A Market Leader"

On Thursday, September 14, Gomocha hosted an illuminating discussion with our customer Frank Achterbosch, Service Director of ASSA ABLOY’s Industrial Door and Docking Solutions division. 

Frank shared how his group manages diverse field service teams as they face daunting challenges on a daily basis and described how ASSA ABLOY has increased efficiencies and profit margins by moving to a service-driven revenue model. He fielded questions from participants about how service organizations can encourage everyone to get on board and enthusiastically embrace innovative new service processes to boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

If you missed the webinar, no worries. It’s yours whenever you want to listen and learn! Check it out here.


Transforming Field Service Engineers into Customer-Focused “Brand Ambassadors”  


Many companies are reshaping the way their field engineers and technicians interact with customers. No longer are their tasks related solely to repairing and maintaining equipment; today, as “the eyes and ears in the field,” engineers and technicians are increasingly being tapped to act as brand ambassadors. 

What does that mean? It means that they’re the face of your business, representing and communicating what your company stands for, and going beyond merely fixing something that’s broken to building a relationship with your customers. Field engineers as brand ambassadors share these characteristics:  
  • They are aware of their importance as a reflection of your company.
  • They know the goals and objectives they are expected to reach within your organization.        
  • They are either naturally good with people or they are taught “soft skills” to boost confidence.
  • They use technology in the field to order materials, request assistance or provide quotes. 
  • They can answer the top three questions that customers generally ask technicians.
Organizations, field engineers and customers all share common goals, such as efficient service, no down time, and peace of mind. Read more about transforming engineers and technicians into brand ambassadors.


"Innovative" doesn’t necessarily mean mind-blowing


Some innovations are like shooting for the moon. Elon Musk’s self-driving, all-electric Tesla vehicles, for example, control acceleration, deceleration, speed, and lane position. Mind-blowing! 

Other innovations are more down to earth. Think about paint. For thousands of years, people have coated surfaces with various substances. But over time, new products and processes have been introduced – from powder-coating steel with different colors to power-spray devices that cover large surfaces with waterproof paint. Maybe not mind-blowing, but definitely industry-changing. 

Mind-blowing and down-to-earth innovations influence field services. The Internet and always-on mobile devices were extraordinary innovations, right? But what about down-to-earth innovations, such as servitization and customer self-service? They may not be considered as extraordinarily innovative as cloud computing, but they are nonetheless innovations that are transforming field service operations. Continue reading


Download Field Service Benchmark Report
“Keeping Pace with Service Technology”


At the Field Service conference in April 2017, event host Worldwide Business Research (WBR) conducted an on-site survey of service industry leaders attending the event, to gauge how they’re overcoming challenges in their field operations. WBR recently released its 2017 Field Service Benchmark Report, in which these key findings are presented: 
  • A “mobile first” strategy is front and center at the majority of companies.  
  • A growing number of executives are moving away from single-platform solutions toward best-of-breed solutions that supplement their ERP platforms. 
  • Rolling out new solutions in the field and managing the onboarding process can be daunting, and user-friendly, consumer-oriented solutions shorten the learning curve. 
  • Transferring knowledge from seasoned technicians to new hires (and, increasingly, to third-party subcontractors) is essential for seamless delivery of service and customer satisfaction
Want your own copy of the report? It’s yours for the asking. Simply click here and fill out a short form.

In Other News

Gomocha CEO Martin Knook at Field Service Fall on Amelia Island

From September 25 to 27, Omni Amelia Island Plantation provided the backdrop for Field Service Fall. For three days, attendees experienced a bevy of inspiring speakers, illuminating product demos and unlimited networking opportunities.  

Not only was Martin busy, so were the Gomocha team members who worked the booth. They welcomed a steady stream of visitors – including current and prospective customers – and conducted dozens of demos of Gomocha’s FMP360.

If you were unable to attend or missed us at the event, click here to sign up for a test drive of Gomocha FMP360. We’ll even customize your ride so you can see how it will look and feel in your specific organization! 

Field Service Europe Workshop: “The Art and Science of Anticipating Change” 

Change occurs every day in our industry: We offer new products and services; new technologies become available; and new processes are introduced to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Anticipating change is part art and part science. Listen and weigh in during The Art and Science of Anticipating Change, an illuminating, inspirational workshop at Field Service Europe. 

On 6th December from 14:30 to 15:30 , you’ll hear how today’s business leaders anticipate change and how they adjust their operations in order to stay on top of their game and ahead of the competitive fray. Learn how to become a change agent for YOUR organization! Register here OR For more information, click here.
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