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How to Select a No-Regrets Field Service Management Solution 


Everyone tries to make a “no regrets” decision when they purchase a field management solution, and you’re probably no different. Analyzing various solutions to find the one that best suits your needs can be time-consuming and frustrating. Or it can be straightforward – almost simple! – if you know what to look for.

How the process unfolds for you depends on a number of factors. But when you know what to look for, it’s much easier and takes less time. 

Our recently released white paper, “Application Flexibility is the Key Ingredient in the Formula for Field Service Success,” is a gold mine of good advice about how to ensure you find a solution that will grow and change as your organization grows and responds to changes in technology, changes in the structure of your business, and changes in your regulatory environment. 

For advice about selecting a field mobility solution for your organization that you won’t later regret, download the inspiring white paper now. Or, better yet, contact us for an FMP360 test drive. We’ll even customize the ride so it will mimic your field processes, your equipment and your back office. 

Gomocha FMP360 Release 3.3 is here, bringing awesome new functionality!

Many new and exciting features and functionalities have been added to the platform. For example, these are our customers’ top three new features:   

  • Maps, Maps, Maps! No longer are planners in the office the only ones who can see on an interactive map the full range of data, statuses, and relevant information on work, assets, and field technicians. Now it’s possible for field workers to see their own work, and view the corresponding linked assets, on a map residing on their mobile devices. The map and all its functionalities work regardless of whether or not the device has an Internet connection. 
  • Remote Assistance. Have a new user who’s still learning your organization’s equipment and processes? Have complex work processes that require specialized knowledge from users who are not always available to be in the field? No problem with FMP360, which now offers an augmented reality remote assistance option. Draw on the screen, communicate via audio or text, geospatially “lock” into a location – all while consuming low bandwidth for use even in isolated areas.
  • Recurring Orders. Planners are now able to create work orders and plan them on a recursive basis if desired. In a continuing effort to streamline activities for our users, and to continuously improve the user experience, FMP360 has removed the need to plan repetitive work over and over again. For organizations that have maintenance or other types of work that needs to be done on set schedules, planners can now define the schedule and duration for which work orders should be generated. 

Does Size Matter?

It’s one of the most asked, and least-definitively answered, questions of all time. This question doesn’t apply only to the usual topic; it can be relevant in a variety of settings. Take, for example, this story about family, work and recreational vehicles.
After a two-week trip with his family in a rented RV, Gomocha’s very own Trent Thacker marveled at the dozens of RV sizes, makes and models that he saw over the course of his road trip. This revelation caused him to consider the many different types, varieties, sizes and functions of field service organizations and how their operations vary so dramatically. 

Seeing all of these different sizes and types of RVs made me realize that one size definitely doesn’t fit all, and each RV, regardless of size and type, had its purpose and its proper usage for the people driving it. Some people needed the larger, more-expensive Class A RVs because they had larger families and maybe had more money to spend, and some people needed the smaller Class B models because that’s what fit their needs. As I observed the various models, I realized that the same principles can be applied to mobile workforce solutions.Read more >> 


Field Mobility Solution Consulting Is Fun

Field service operations share many commonalities, the most prevalent of which is that they all have field technicians who drink strong coffee in the morning as they travel to their first job site. Other commonalities of field technicians include: 

  1. They almost always work on their own or with just one other colleague.
  2. They deliver the ultimate service to their customers.
  3. They collect information about the work done.

An FMS consultant’s job is to make work in the field go as smoothly as possible, and by noticing subtle differences in the way organizations work and understanding the fundamentally different ways information is used during service calls, the consultant ensures that each organization has the right solution to meet their field service challenges.

Combining a consultant’s deep and broad knowledge of end-users’ needs with a solution that can differentiate between various scenarios – without requiring separate, dedicated apps – can make a consultant a hero. “I fell in love with my Question List Designer when I first used it. It’s a tool allowing me to design dynamic information-gathering forms in a mobile/digital context. It provides so much flexibility – without any software programming and software testing – that it allows me in just a few steps and in less than an hour to change a cable guy’s process into a road worker’s process.” Read more >> 

Field Service Fall 2017 

Mark your calendar for September 25-27 and make your reservations to attend Field Service Fall 2017, at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort. Learn more here. Enjoy the absolutely beautiful drive from the nearby Jacksonville, Florida, airport, and be impressed with the well-appointed property, the compelling conference events and the amazing sunrises.  

Gomocha will once again be a sponsor of this Field Service event, and we’ll also have a booth on the exhibit floor. It’s always delightful to catch up with some of our existing customers and reach out to future customers to discuss field service challenges and demo our solution. And speaking of doing a demo, click here to sign up for a test drive of Gomocha FMP360. We’ll even customize your ride so you can see how it will look and feel in your specific organization! 

Benchmark Survey Findings Will Soon Be Released 

At Field Service USA in Palm Desert, California, this past April, many of you participated in a survey about the state of field service management tools and technology. (Thank you for your input!) Keep an eye on your inbox for the Report of Findings from this important research project. 

Gomocha’s own Martin Knook weighed in on some of the findings in an interview with WBR about the survey. He said this in response to a survey finding related to the challenge of getting service technicians to accept new tools and technologies in the field: 

“Sometimes field solutions are over-engineered, scaling with the ambition of the organization as it develops. These organizations may even be transitioning to mobile from paper-based operations, wanting to jump as fast as possible into digitized processes, which is a giant leap. My recommendation is to take a phased approach and adopt agile solutions. You should enable a learning curve for your field technicians to adopt the tool and not confront them with complexity just for technology’s sake. That should not be the case. They need to work on a field tool that’s easy to operate, not one that’s perceived to be complex. Nowadays we have equipment that operates without a manual, no instructions needed.”

After you receive and review the Benchmark Report, if you have questions, want to comment on the findings or share your story, give Martin Knook a call at 240-403-6001 or send him an email ( He’s an engaging guy who loves to talk about all facets of mobile field service management.

"Moving to FMP360 is one of those decisions I highly recommend to others" 


If you want to bring efficiency and effectiveness to your field service operation while giving your field teams a simple solution to help them do their jobs better, then take a look at SI Coffee Solutions.

Watch this short video, then call 240-403-6001 to schedule a demo.

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