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How to Simplify the Implementation of a New Field Service Solution

When implementing new field service software solutions, you usually encounter difficulties of one type or another. And because implementations aren’t undertaken often, they require tons of work from a dedicated team. The question is, how can you make the implementation exercise easier?

When it's time for you to undertake the important task of implementing a new field service solution, make sure you have the five ingredients that are critical for successful large-scale project management: 1) A committed project sponsor; 2) Clear goals and an understanding of scope; 3) A steadfast project manager; 4) Engaged stakeholders, and 5) Dedicated team members.

Read our blog post “Simplify the Implementation of a New Field Service Solution,” for more details – or skip the blog post and give us a call at 240-403-6001 to schedule a customized demo. You’ll be delighted at how our amazing solution and our energetic team spirit will help you “get it done!”


What do donuts have to do with “customer experience” (CX) strategies?  

Donuts come in many varieties and everyone has their favorite. So, of course, there’s no right answer to the question, “What’s the best kind of donut?” However, we all know that day-old, plain donuts and greasy, gas station donuts don’t provide the same experience that’s provided by donuts filled with rich pudding goodness or slathered with caramel icing and crunchy toffee bits.

The same holds true for field service companies and the customer experiences they deliver.Similar to how cream-filled or iced donuts make raving fans out of all those who try them, a company should deliver an exceptional customer experience with every interaction – one that surprises us, exceeds our expectations, and creates a raving fan.

Tell us a CX story for a chance to win a FREE 2-hour consultation – AND dozens of donuts! 

Was the last customer experience your team delivered like a plain, old-fashioned donut – one with no frills and no surprises? Or was it like the latest, greatest donut sensation – unexpected and amazing? We want to hear about great successes and epic failures in the customer experiences you deliver.

  • Did a technician go beyond the call of duty and discover and correct a potentially life-threatening situation? (Big success!) Share the story!

  • Did a technician in the field fall asleep on a pool-side chair while waiting for your customer to show up? (Epic failure!) Share that story, too!

We’ll select an inspiring success story and a head-scratching failure. If your story is one of our “winners,” we’ll set up a FREE, no-obligation 2-hour consultation to help you analyze your biggest challenges and demonstrate how FMP360 will enable you to deliver “CX excellence” each and every time.

We’ll also discuss when and where you want your four dozen fancy-delicious donuts delivered.* 

Gomocha is a proud sponsor again, so plan to visit us at Field Service Palm Springs 2019 

April will be here before you know it, so book your flight and register for Field Service Palm Springs 2019 – then start making plans to be engaged, inspired and motivated. From Tuesday April 23 to Friday April 26, 2019, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet and greet your peers, learn from field service industry leaders, and listen to inspiring speakers as they present keynotes and participate in workshops. 

On Tuesday, April 23, for example, there will be “Deep Dive Workshop Day,” where leaders will interact with attendees about the people, processes, and technology that field service organizations need to stay competitive.  Wednesday April 24, we’re excited to hear about “Leveraging IoT, Big Data, and AI” to move toward optimal business outcomes. 

Rest assured, it won’t be all work and no play. There will be networking sessions, cocktail receptions, really cool product demos at the Gomocha booth, and so much more! Go early or stay late to enjoy some down time at the lovely JW Marriott Palm Desert Resort & Spa. Register now and save $400. 

Tweet much? Sweet!

Team Gomocha is on the go an awful lot, as is the case for everyone we know. It’s especially true for our customers, most of which are field service organizations with dozens (or hundreds) of technicians in the field and a bunch of hard-working people spread across several different departments in one or more of their offices. Regardless of whether we are on the go or in the back office, we all need to stay connected to – and inspired by – one another. blankFollow us on Twitter (@GomochaGlobal) so you can keep up with our latest news, views and reviews – and we’ll follow you to keep up with all the good work you and your team are doing. 

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