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Gomocha’s HVAC/R Expertise is Your Advantage

We don’t mean to boast about it – or as some would say “toot our own horn” – but the team at Gomocha is extremely proud to call ourselves specialists in HVAC and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) field service management.

On the path to becoming specialists, we collaborated closely with several HVAC/R customers to ensure that the FMP360 platform perfectly suited their specific needs. And over the course of many implementations of FMP360 in the HVAC/R industry, we learned a great deal about not only the critical nature of our customers’ operations, but also the critical nature of their customers’ businesses.

Our FMP360 field service platform and mobile app are tailored to tackle your company-specific HVAC field service challenges head-on. Regardless of your objectives – for example, you want to empower your HVAC technicians to perform at their very best in the field, you need to outpace your competitors, or you need to ensure compliance with HVAC industry rules and regulations – you are good to go with FMP360.

One of Gomocha’s newest HVAC/R customers has implemented FMP360 to streamline its operations to improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. They can now easily monitor their customers’ equipment to ensure not only that optimal cooling conditions are maintained, but also to ensure compliance with all applicable national and regional regulatory requirements. Read more about how our latest HVAC/R customer is thriving with FMP360. 


Revving Up Your Field Service Planning

Planning and dispatching is one of the most important roles within your field service company. The work of the planner is directly related to the work of the call intake agents and of the technicians. So, when assessing your organization’s field service efficiency, take a look at the role of the planner!

We have identified four stages of maturity in the planning cycle: 

  • Stage 0 (manual or paper-based)
  • Stage 1 (advanced planning: planner is guided when assigning work to technicians, and availability and skills are checked automatically)
  • Stage 2 (automatic scheduling and planning: work is automatically assigned based on a predefined set of parameters)
  • Stage 3 (predictive scheduling: a portion of work orders is automatically created based on gathered data and automatically assigned to technicians) 

Planners play an integral role in these processes, and as the planning process matures, the planner’s role shifts from planning optimizer to planning director. While you traverse the different maturity stages, your organization will also mature and reap many benefits, including increased customer satisfaction, lower operational costs, and higher employee satisfaction – all of which help ensure you can stay ahead of your competition. Read more about assessing where your organization is in the planning maturity cycle and see how you can rev up your processes to prepare for future growth and change.

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