Newsletter April 2019


News you can use: FMP360 Release 4.1 Highlights

Our development team is excited and proud to announce that they’ve created several ways to improve your experience with FMP360.

Summaries of the Top 5 new features follow: 

  • “Field quote” functionality now enables technicians on job sites to be quasi-sales reps.
    They can now provide quotes for a new system, additional equipment or parts to enhance existing systems, thereby quickly generating new revenue streams and freeing up your traditional sales team to explore other opportunities.
  • Message center upgrades let portal users send messages to field techs’ mobile apps.
    You can compose messages, target groups that will receive them, see history and view message status – all which help ensure clear communication with techs and fewer errors and misunderstandings. Incident-messaging functionality is increasingly important where public and environmental health and safety are at risk and helps companies following the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act) philosophy. 
  • A new filter in the planning portal lets users create and save custom workspaces so they can work faster.
    By quickly and efficiently configuring and reconfiguring work order details shown in the order list, each user can have his or her own workspace that best suits their working style, so they can coordinate their planning faster and much more efficiently.
  • Travel-time calculations help eliminate customer and employee frustration because of late arrivals. Making these calculations is now possible during the order-planning process and are also shown in the app, so the technician is aware of the travel time to the next order. 
  • Document-scanning functionality gives technicians a tool to digitize and streamline the document flow.
    Now technicians can scan documents in the field by simply opening the camera from the work order, switching to “document” option, and hovering over what they want to scan. The app detects the document automatically then captures, crops and saves the image as a PDF.

One of the mantras that helps us succeed is Always Be Improving. Continually working to improve FMP360 not only helps us to remain competitive, it also helps you achieve success in your field service organization. Questions or suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Schedule a demo, call us at 240-403-6001, or send us an email at

Using Infographics to Tell Stories 

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, what about infographics? We believe they are worth a thousand words, too – or even more. Check out this infographic, which tells the story of one of our favorite customers and illustrates their use of Gomocha’s FMP360 platform and app. Envision how your organization might be portrayed in this type of “happy customer” story using an infographic. We’ll be happy to help you start your story.

Learn more by visiting our website, emailing or calling 240-403-6001. 


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