Newsletter #10 2017


Transform your field service operation into a customer service machine

Satisfying customers is “mission critical” to field service teams – all day, every day.

If you attended Field Service Fall last month at Omni Amelia Island Plantation, you may have heard Gomocha CEO Martin Knook’s opening remarks, in which he described how to transform your field service operation into a customer service machine.

“You need to understand your customer to get service right,” he said. This means you MUST know what customers think about your technicians, your company, your service – and you must strive to increase satisfaction to gain the competitive edge. “Going digital” helps technicians be more professional and more productive – boosting customer satisfaction and increasing profitability.

Thinking about upping your game? Take a listen to Martin’s remarks for insight and inspiration.    


The Field and The Cloud Come Together 


We’ve all heard about the cloud and cloud computing, terms often followed by the acronym SaaS (Software as a Service) to help define it. In a recent blog post on the topic by Gomocha’s very own Trent Thacker, he observes that cloud computing works seamlessly for many organizations, regardless of type and size of business, and describes why many field service operations are migrating to the cloud. 

To help YOU decide if it’s time to move to the cloud, ask yourself: 1) Do you want more first-time fixes and happier customers? 2) Do you want the most robust and up-to-date software without paying for and installing new releases? 3) Do you want technicians to have the equivalent of the back office in their back pockets, including all the data that they’ll ever need?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, it might be time to move to the cloud. We’re often in the cloud with our customers, so move on up – the weather’s always really nice up there! Read blog here.


“Being Offline” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Being Unable to Work


When field technicians are in rural areas, in basements, or on other jobs where internet connections are weak or nonexistent, their productivity lags and they fall behind schedule. Same is true when power outages occur and when internet service providers’ networks fail.

More and more companies rely on mobile devices in the field, and being able to work offline helps field service teams “save the day.” Check out “Working Offline, The Underestimated Feature in Field Services.” Without the proper technology, being offline can not only cost thousands of dollars – even hundreds of thousands – in lost productivity, but it can also lead to disgruntled customers and stressed-out employees. That’s why it’s essential to find a solution – such as Gomocha’s FMP360 – that lets technicians in the field continue their daily work without interruption, regardless of whether they’re online or offline. 


Field Service Europe     


Gomocha likes to be front and center in the world of field service, and we’re happy to announce that we’ll once again have an opportunity to be just that, through our participation in and sponsorship of Field Service Europe (“Advancing Service Together” from December 6 to 8), in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This is the 15th year for the event, the primary focus of which is to provide a forum for senior-level field service executives to network, learn, and inspire one another. Gomocha is co-hosting the Innovation Spotlight, and CEO Martin Knook will present a workshop entitled “The Art and Science of Anticipating Change.” He’ll also provide opening remarks on Day 2 of the event. Other members of Team Gomocha will also be there to network, learn and demonstrate the power of FMP360 at the Gomocha booth. We make commitments like these because we have a lot of fuel in our engine – fuel here meaning customer success stories, great technology, and a passion for helping other companies be the best they can be – in the back office, in the field, and in the executive suite.

Learn, be inspired and make connections at Field Service Europe!

Join us in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 6-8, 2017.
Use our exclusive
Discount Code FSEU17GOMOCHA for 25% off the registration fee. Let’s Grow Field Service Together!

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